20 day Continuation Program

The most common question our 10 day transformers ask is “What do I do next?”

Well, the answer is a 20 day Continuation/Rotation Program that uses a “one day on” and “one day off” psychology that retrains your body to crave healthy nutritious foods and allows you to continue using the Purium Products you now L.O.V.E.

Here is how the 20 day Continuation/Rotation Program works. On even numbered days you will eat healthy, approved foods (eating 1-3 items every 2-3 hours, as you desire). On odd numbered days you will follow the Transformation schedule.

Feel free to mix and match the different items on the lists below to create your own healthy meal…just keep Dave’s tips in mind when you do so and before you know it, it will become easy! The suggestions included in the Support Guide aren’t the only options but they are some Dave’s favorites. To submit items to be “Dave Approved” send an email to support@puriumcorp.com (no phone calls please).

Some of Dave’s Favorite Protein Sources

  1. 1 – 2 eggs hardboiled, poached or fried in coconut oil (Choose eggs from free-roaming chickens that eat grass and insects and have high omega 3 fat content)
  2. ½ cup Organic cottage cheese (great when you add purple grapes)
  3. 1 serving of free-range chicken (from free-roaming chickens that eat grass and insects and have high omega 3 fat content)
  4. 1 serving/ 3 – 4 ounces of Wild salmon (preferably line-caught salmon VS. farmed salmon which does not have all of the nutrients and essential fats)
  5. 1 cup (cooked) lentils or other legumes except soy
  6. 1/4 cup Hummus (beans, tahini, spices and olive oil – the quality of the olive oil will determine the quality of the hummus)
  7. 2 cups Broccoli (cooked or uncooked, raw or lightly steamed is best)
  8. 2 tbsp natural Almond, sunflower or sesame butter (no high fructose corn syrup – should be just the nuts, one possible exception is “sea salt”)
  9. Pinto, navy, lima or other beans. I recommend fava beans for those who are concerned with Parkinson’s as fava beans are a great source of “l-dopa”
  10. Purium’s Vegan Protein Options (Spirulina, Master Aminos, L.O.V.E. Super Meal)

Tips for protein

  • Protein is best consumed in the morning when we have high levels of HCL
  • Meat should always be combined with green vegetables to reduce the impact of its toxins
  • Avoid the burnt crispy parts of meat as they are 80% carcinogenic
  • Eat grass-fed beef, free-roaming chicken and wild caught salmon as they are the highest quality in their category
  • Don’t combine meat with carbohydrates or sugars (ex. bread, soda, fruits)
  • Consume no more than 6 oz of animal flesh in any 24 hour period to avoid creating Uric acid and harming your kidneys.

Some of Dave’s Favorite Complex Carbohydrates

  1. ¾ cup cooked Red, black or brown rice
  2. ¾ cup Quinoa
  3. ¾ cup Couscous
  4. 2 slices Sprouted grain bread
  5. 2 medium size Buckwheat or whole grain pancakes or waffles
  6. Purple or sweet potatoes (approximately the size of your fist)
  7. 1 serving of whole grain breakfast cereal (without artificial ingredients, colors or preservatives)
  8. Sprouted grain or veggie pastas (without artificial ingredients, colors or preservatives)
  9. Oatmeal, cream of buckwheat or hot other whole grain cereal (without artificial ingredients, colors or preservatives)
  10. Purium’s Alternative Activated Barley

Tips for Complex Carbs

  • “Crack” Rice by stirring in hot pan to release protein before cooking
  • Buy organic grains whenever possible
  • Buckwheat and Activated Barley Pancakes create great glucose control
  • Purple potatoes help your body like blueberries
  • Try spaghetti squash as an alternative to pasta

Some of Dave’s Favorite Fruit

  1. Cherries (the darker the better)
  2. Blueberries (wild if possible)
  3. Plums (the smaller the better)
  4. Raspberries/blackberries/mulberries, etc (best to get organic, difficult to wash and often full of pesticides otherwise)
  5. Apples (hopefully not the most common variety – a more unique variety is best)
  6. Watermelon and other melons (best eaten alone)
  7. Avocados (yes, it is a fruit! Amazing spread for toast, or as guacamole or simply by itself)
  8. Tomatoes (yes, also a fruit! Try to get heirloom & organic whenever possible)
  9. Almonds (yes, the almonds we eat are the fruit of the almond tree & not a true nut!)
  10. Papaya
  11. Purple Grapes

Tips for Fruit

  • Eat organic or wash well – pay attention to the current “Dirty Dozen” list which tells you the fruits and veggies to absolutely avoid buying non-organic that year.
  • Eat fruit before other food and never right after, there is one exception for not having fruit with other items - cottage cheese and fruit does go well together
  • Avoid white and green grapes
  • Don’t mix melons with other fruit
  • Eat apples in the morning to help wake you up as a coffee alternative
  • Don’t remove the skin because the most nutrients are contained there (exceptions are bananas, oranges, mangos, avocados and melons, etc – use your best judgment)
  • Dried fruit should be eaten separately

Some of Dave’s Favorite Veggies

  1. Kale (best marinated or steamed)
  2. Broccoli (use as crudités, sautéed or for a high protein omelet)
  3. Cabbage (great in slaws, soups and sauerkraut)
  4. Squash (delicious when sautéed with red bell pepper, red onion, and garlic in coconut oil or organic butter)
  5. Peppers (delicious when stuffed with avocado or hummus and rice, may also add a lean protein source such as chicken as described above)
  6. Mushrooms are great immune boosters
  7. Cucumbers (make them into chips - slice and squeeze fresh lemon, cayenne and sea salt)
  8. Sea Vegetables (Wakame, hijiki, dulse) use in soups, dips, sauces and salads
  9. Celery (crudités dipped in hummus or nut butter another healthy dipping sauce, amazing base for any soup)
  10. Cilantro and parsley (not just for garnish – great for digestion and deodorizing breath, also great in pesto)

Tips for Veggies

  • Eat as brightly colored veggies as possible
  • Steamed is okay but do not oven cook
  • Sautee in organic butter, olive oil or coconut oil
  • Eat raw Veggies with hummus, or guacamole
  • Marinate Veggies for better flavor

Dave’s Recommended Liquids

  1. Spring water w/lemon
  2. Cranberry, pomegranate, hibiscus juice
  3. Aloe Vera juice
  4. Coconut water
  5. Unfiltered Apple or Prune juice with lots of fiber
  6. Orange juice or Grapefruit juice with lots of pulp
  7. Kefir
  8. Kombucha, Green Tea
  9. Concord grape juice
  10. Pineapple juice

Tips for liquids

  • Drink Room temperature in the morning to help flush kidneys warm water is easier on digestion;
  • Squeeze lemon in your water to increase its alkalizing ability
  • Use unsweetened cranberry juice to fight urinary tract infections
  • Drink Hibiscus tea to reduce sugar cravings
  • Use Aloe Vera to fight ulcers
  • Coconut Water is the ultimate sports replenishment drink
  • Drink raw apple juice to fight kidney stones and gout
  • Prune Juice relieve constipation
  • Avoid grapefruit juice when taking medications
  • Citrus juices should have lots of pulp
  • Treat fruit juices like regular fruit and have them separate from other foods.

Some of Dave’s favorite cooking oils & salad oils

  1. Organic coconut oil
  2. Organic raw butter
  3. Grapeseed oil
  4. Safflower oil
  5. Macadamia Nut oil
  6. Avocado oil
  7. Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  8. Green Tea Oil
  9. Red Palm Oil
  10. Sunflower Seed Oil

Tips for fats

  • High Heat (Coconut, Tea Seed, Grapeseed, Avocado, Macadamia)
  • Sautee/Low Heat (Butter, Olive Oil, Sunflower)

Dave’s general recommendations –

  • Eat as organic or “close to the Earth” as possible
  • Practice combining different approved foods into meals – find what works for you while still making sure to get nutrient dense foods in your diet.
  • Fruit and carbs go well – one exception for not having fruit with other items, cottage cheese and fruit (especially purple grapes) do go well together!
  • Proteins and veggies are a great combination.
  • Keep an eye on the Environmental Working Group’s yearly “Dirty Dozen” list – make sure that when you purchase the fruits and veggies on that list that you always opt for organic. The items on this list are the ones that contain the most pesticides when “conventionally” grown. They also have a “Clean 15” list – you can feel ok about opting for non-organic versions of the fruits and veggies on this list.

The Purium Lifestyle

At Purium we do not promote products, we promote a lifestyle.

  • Sleep: we recommend 7 – 8 hours but getting enough deep sleep is the key, 2 hours of deep sleep per night is ideal since 80% of repair and detoxification are triggered during this time. Deficiencies of melatonin and trace minerals contribute to poor sleep. “Work with your mind? Exercise your body. Work with your body? Exercise your mind.”
  • Water: be sure to drink ½ your body weight in ounces per day. It is very important to keep your body hydrated. During the fast you can consume up to your body weight in ounces of water each day.
  • Food: Eat more brightly colored fruits and vegetables; eat fewer foods with artificial colors since they could be harmful. Eat more healthy fats from flax seeds, chia seeds, coconuts, rice bran, and/or oily wild caught fish. Avoid all trans-fats, hydrogenated oils, partially hydrogenated oils, soybean oils, and reduce animal fat. Eat more high fiber and gluten free whole grains, seeds, legumes and bran. Avoid white flour, white rice, and any processed denatured, fortified grain product. Consume wild or free range protein and/or preferably substitute high quality vegan and vegetarian protein options as often as possible. Avoid commercially produced animals, farmed fish, cured meat, and animals treated with antibiotics and hormones.
  • Exercise: stress is stress. Too much exercise is like too many calories, we recommend 45 minutes to an hour, 4 times a week. Make sure you sweat, allow time for warm-up and cool-down, and focus on core workouts and cardio. Simply be active, take the stairs, carry your groceries, play with the kids, go dancing, and be sure to have fun.
  • More From Dave: Stretch and take 2 breaths upon waking. Take care of your teeth. Get 40 minutes of sunlight daily (put palms and face toward the sun). Accept change. Find peace with what you do not know. Face your fears. Breathe consciously and deeply. Express your emotions. Laugh, cry and smile. Love without condition. Accept that you are worthy of being loved. Inspire a child. Learn to heal yourself. Take joy in giving. Be flexible in your body and in your mind. Forgive yourself and others easily. Stimulate your mind. Stay busy and have a purpose. Discover that the greatest joys can come from the smallest things. Make the world better because you were here.

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Making healthy cool.

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