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Get Paid to Give Away $50 Gift Cards!

The Purium sampling program is unlike ANY other system you’ve ever seen!

If you think it’s easier to give something away for free than it is to sell something, please check out this short video presentation ...

Perfect for People Looking for MORE INCOME, Not More Work!

The Purium business model is just as unique and just as effective as our product line. No other company has a system this simple and this automated! Just let the product do the selling for you and let the online marketing system do the rest! So, no matter how much (or how little) business experience or sales ability you have, you can successfully promote Purium.

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If You Can Hand Out A Gift Card, You Can Be Successful!

Here’s how the program works:
You enroll in Purium with 40, 60 or 100 Gift Cards. Then you hand out a Gift Card (or even email or text your Gift Card Code) and your prospect simply redeems it for ANY product in our entire catalog at $50 off! No strings attached.

As a Premier Member you make a 30% commission on their entire order over $20. That’s right, you can MAKE MONEY giving away Gift Cards. Plus, we pay commissions on the sale of these products up to 10 levels. So as you enroll others, you make money on their gift card sales...and their people’s gift cards sales...and their people’s people - and on and on... Plus, we pay commissions on the gift cards themselves.


  • You can make money as your team buys the Gift Cards
  • You can make money when someone samples the products
  • You can make money when you enroll a new Customer
  • You can make money when you enroll a new Distributor who wants to hand out $50 Gift Cards, too!

Purium Gift Card

Everyone wants a "deal" these days... and our Gift Card program is THE ULTIMATE DEAL.

The prospect receives $50.00 OFF his or her first order and only has to pay for shipping and handling. It’s like giving someone a free gourmet dinner and they just have to pay for the tip. You can’t help but share our products and opportunity because of the valuable $50 off savings these cards provide.

Simple, simple simple... sample, sample, sample.

Our Fully-Automated Online Marketing System Does 95% Of The Work For You!

There is a reason why some people make a lot of money on the internet... and others make very little. Here is the secret of the top earners, plain and simple:

>> Let TECHNOLOGY do 95% of the work for you <<

Purium Marketing System

Technology can leverage your time so you can make more money in a shorter period of time, which provides more time for the fun and meaningful things in life!

Here's why the System is so effective:

  • You look like a professional immediately!
  • You look like you're working, even when you're not!
  • Presents your products and business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!
  • Automatically follows up with people … continuously educating them!
  • Is so automated and easy, your prospects will WANT to participate!
  • Provides a simple step-by-step training system to follow and ensure your success!

Bottom line, all the "heavy lifting" is done for you. We've got people from all walks of life:

  • Internet gurus to people who can't spell "URL"
  • Network marketing legends to people who can't spell "MLM"
  • Business owners to stay-at-home parents to people who want to get out of their "8 to faint" jobs.

Why? Because our system automates 95% of the work.

The products come out of our warehouse, so you don’t have to purchase any inventory. The automated system also sends out branded emails on your behalf with your name and your website - you get the credit on anything this person ever does!

So if you hate to sell, you’re going to LOVE this program! Let the Gift Cards do the introduction, let the Products do the selling and let the Automated System do the follow-up for you.

People try the products - YOU can make money.
They enroll as a Customer - YOU can make more money.
And when they enroll as a Member with one of our Enrollment Packs, they get their own $50 Gift Cards.
These are cards you didn’t pay for, getting handed to people you don’t know - and when the cards are redeemed ... You Can Make Money!

This is the power of a system with built-in duplication and leverage!

Our Gift Card Program & Automated Marketing System
Is The Perfect Combination Of "High Touch" + "High Tech"!

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