Weight Loss Overview

Lose weight WITHOUT dieting

If you are like the majority of Americans, you are probably looking to lose a few pounds.
Maybe 10 pounds... maybe 20 pounds... maybe more.

Our 2-product CONTROL Weight Loss Pack tackles ALL of the reasons you gained the weight in the first place. It's weight loss without dieting!

The CONTROL Pre-Meal Capsules reduce hunger and cravings... plus they block carbohydrates and help your body turn calories into energy instead of fat. The CONTROL Whole Food Meal Option is 91 power-packed, nutrient-dense vegan calories. Enjoy whole food supplementation that gives your body what it needs while stimulating your metabolism. Get filled up with less than 100 calories!

More of what you need... less of what you don't.
It's that simple.
It's that revolutionary.

More of what you need... less of what you don't.

Crave less.
Eat less.
Eat better.
Block carbs.
Convert less fat.

Most diet programs are wrong, wrong, wrong and WRONG!
Most diet programs are based on one of these four short-term concepts:


We think this focus is wrong, wrong, wrong and WRONG.

Frustrated with the world of yo-yo dieting?
Ready to make friends with your scale?

We think there should be only one focus... total cellular satisfaction. Don't teach your body how to starve. It will just store calories as FAT. Don't over-stimulate your body. That's like pushing the gas pedal and the brakes at the same time.

If you want to experience weight loss without dieting, you've got to try CONTROL.

Control Weight Loss Pack

CONTROL Weight Loss Pack

1 month supply
Retail Price: $105.90

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